Barut Hotels

Barut Collection

A new segment, a brand new Barut Experience.
A richer, more chic style...
As of April 1, 2019...

Each nation has its own proud brands. Since 1971, Barut Hotels, as a well-established hospitality brand in Turkey, has a well-deserved reputation among the world’s tourism brands.

Millions of reunions, millions of smiles, millions of memories, hundreds of awards and - most important - without exception, the great appreciation and love of all guests...

BARUT Hotels, proud of its ranking among the world’s finest tourism brands, increasing its facilities each day, renews itself by developing its distinctive Collection, with joy and a richness of choice with creative touches.

“Our hotels - Acanthus & Cennet, Arum, Lara - welcome guests with an original, elegant concept: “BARUT COLLECTION”.

A holiday experience that is profoundly curated, sincerely designed, experienced with awareness - and desired again. Experience more than a holiday at BARUT COLLECTION Hotels with the unlimited all-inclusive concept.


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